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The World before Humans!


As you know It all started with a big bang about 13.7 billion years ago. Only then galaxy clusters and galaxies 🌌 appeared.

A galaxy’s cluster

This was the time when our sun ☀️ came into existence. At that time there were alot of asteroids ☄️ and some of them collided together giving birth to our planet earth 🌎.

An asteroid

After that a young planet called thea collided into earth and then the moon🌙 was made. Ok my fellas let’s continue our story so some asteroids ☄️ having water with them collided to the earth 🌍 and the earth got its oceans 🌊. After that the single celled algae turned into plants 🌱 and life started on the earth 🌍. Then volcanoes 🌋 came out of the oceans 🌊 creating lands. This was the triasaic era and dinosaurs 🦖 🦕 appeared.

A single celled algae

Oh I see some…

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